The IRS announced this afternoon that the Acting Director (Office of Professional Responsibility) Lee Martin has been selected to be the next Director of the Whistleblower Office, effective August 3, 2015. Director Stephen Whitlock will remain with the IRS and has been named the new Director of the Office of Professional Responsibility, effective August 3, 2015.  Acting Director Martin brings an ethics background to the Whistleblower Office from his time with the Office of Professional Responsiblity, as well as project and IT operations management experience with the IRS, AT&T, and SBC Interactive –  We hope that Acting Director Martin will make paying awards a high priority as this is what will ultimately attract knowledgable insiders to come forward.

We would like to wish Director Whitlock the best of luck in his new position leading the Office of Professional Responsibility and welcome Acting Director Martin to the Whistleblower Office.