On March 9th, Tax Partner Scott Knott and I attended the Federal Bar Association Tax Law Conference in Washington, D.C.  Known colloquially as the “inside the beltway tax conference,” many high ranking federal government employees from DOJ, Treasury, and the IRS were in attendance and speaking on various new developments in the tax

A recent study by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy details how Fortune 500 Companies are holding a record $2.6 trillion offshore, thereby avoiding $767 billion in U.S. taxes.  While we believe much of this amount is the result of lawful tax planning on the companies’ international operations and the use of tax

The IRS has spent much time ensuring that they would not be whipsawed by paying an award on proceeds that is ultimately refunded to the taxpayer, but apparently, little consideration has been given to what happens when the IRS whipsaws a whistleblower using their information after it denied the whistleblower’s claim.  On November 2, 2012,

We are excited to share some good news … the IRS has awarded $38,037,899 to one of our clients for providing information about a tax avoidance scheme perpetrated by one of the nation’s largest corporations.  We respect our client’s wishes to remain anonymous and are therefore we are not authorized to comment on the specifics

The Tax Court dismissed a whistleblower’s complaint that challenged the IRS’s decision not to act on the whistleblower’s information.  In Raymond Cohen v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 139 T.C. No. 12 (October 9, 2012), the Tax Court holds that section 7623(b) does not authorize the Tax Court to order the IRS to reopen Petitioner’s