Senator Charles Grassley

Late on November 16th, the Senate Finance Committee voted to approve its iteration of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passing the measure on a party-line 14-12 vote.  The full version can be found here.  Of particular interest to our readers here is one of the amendments that was added to this

In our experience the IRS is a peculiarly apolitical organization – despite the Lerner email scandal and the targeting of conservative groups for noncompliant tax exempt status claims, almost every position in the IRS is not motivated by or responsive to political considerations – but when we have a change of administration it means we

It is a rare that one can say that something exciting for tax whistleblowers has occurred with the proposed budget. However, today is that day. On March 25th, Senator Wicker submitted amendment S.AMDT.620, which is co-sponsored by Senator Grassley. According to Senator Wicker’s press release, “This amendment calls for the IRS to

Senator Ron Wyden, the current chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and Senator Chuck Grassley, the former chairman, jointly wrote an article in Politico discussing an important issue to us, the prioritization of whistleblower claims by the IRS.  They said:

[W]e’ve been puzzled why the IRS often snubs whistleblowers who may provide invaluable evidence of

Last week Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) wrote a letter to John Koskinen, former chairman of Freddie Mac, congratulating him on his nomination as the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service.  After congratulations were out of the way, Senator Grassley got right down to business by asking for Koskinen’s help in encouraging the IRS to

An interesting letter was released last night from IRS Commissioner Shulman to Senator Grassley.  Commissioner Shulman’s letter says more about what is in the pipeline for large whistleblower case award determinations than any statement the IRS has made to date, much more so than even the annual reports that the Whistleblower Office is required

Treasury Regulations for section 6103(n), Disclosure of Return Information in Connection with Written Contracts Among the IRS, Whistleblowers, and Legal Representatives of Whistleblowers, were finalized today.  The finalized regulations are essentially what were put in place in March of 2008 with a few slight language tweaks.  The regulation had to be finalized now